Adjusting your Content Options and View Options

Under the Display menu you will find two sub headings entitled Content Options and View Options.

The Content Options allows you to customise how content is displayed in your event space.

The View Options enables you to control how times and days are displayed across your event space.

Adjusting your Content Options

Once you have created content sessions in the Content Studio you may wish to customise how that information is displayed in the Event Space. To do that simply do the following:

Step 1) Navigate to the Content Options Screen

From the Content Studio, you will have an option along the middle Navigation bar for “Display”. Clicking on this will present you with four options. These options are:

  • Homepage
  • Discover Page
  • Content Options
  • View Options

Clicking on “Content Options” will bring you to this screen:

Step 2) Enable or Disable content options

From the screen highlighted above, you have a variety of different content options which allow you to control how your content is displayed the Event Space.

The options available to you are as follows:

  • Affiliation Format - you can choose how the author's affiliation displays in the Programme and exports.
  • Acceptance Format - This setting allows you to hide or display the acceptance format which was applied to the submission.
  • Topics - If this setting is turned on, the author's chosen topics will be visible to all delegates.
  • Final Submissions - If this setting is turned on, and the presenters have agreed to share their files, the paper files (i.e. docs, PDFs, powerpoints and spreadsheets) collected in Final Submissions will be visible to, and downloadable by the delegates. 
  • Presentation Files - If you have collected presentations, and the presenters have agreed to share their files, switching this on will ensure the presentations are visible to, and downloadable by all delegates. These include docs, PDFs, powerpoints and spreadsheets but not video or image files. 
  • Countries - You can decide whether to show or hide your authors' countries. Countries will be pulled in from the author profiles.
  • Presentation Questions - By toggling this on, you will allow attendees to post public questions on presentations.

Once you have enabled or disabled the necessary options, you can simply navigate away from this page.

Adjusting your View Options

The options you enable here will impact how your days and times are displayed across your event space. 

The options are as follows:

  • Time Format - displays your times in either 12 or 24 hour format.
  • Week Starts On - controls what day of the week your week should start on.
  • Daily Start Time - specifies how early your timeline starts each day.
  • Daily End Time - specifies how late your timeline ends each day.

Once you've indicated how your times and days should display across your event space, simply navigate away from this page.

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