Assigning content to a Venue

Once you’ve created a Venue, you can assign it some sessions from your Content Studio and build a lineup. 

Step 1) Navigate to the Venues Page

In the Virtual Builder, click on “Venues” as in the image below. Here you will see a list of all the Venues you previously created. For more information on creating venues, see this article: How to create a Venue

Step 2) Assign Session to a Venue 

In the Venue Assigner, you can create the lineup for each of your Venues. To begin, click on the “Assign to Venue” button. 

You will have a row per venue, and the bar at the top allows you to select the date you wish to work on. 

Click anywhere within a row to assign a session to this time. You’ll get a popup with a list of sessions to select from. This list has various filters and a search bar to help you navigate your content while assigning and creating your venue lineup. 

Note: You can’t assign content into a timeslot that is in the past.

By default, the session duration is one hour. You can change this by clicking on the timeslot and adjusting the end time as you can see in the image above. You can’t edit the session content - you must go to your Content Studio to do this.

To remove a session,  click on it in the Venue Assigner, and click “Remove from Venue” in the bottom left corner. 

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