Explaining and Creating Venues

Once you’ve built out your sessions in the Content Studio, the next step is to assign them to a Venue, Stage and/or Bundle. This article details how you create a Venue in Ex Ordo. 

Venues are the rooms and spaces in your physical event. You would use them to schedule sessions for your in-person attendees.

Step 1) Navigate to the Venues Page

In the Virtual Builder, click on “Venues” as in the image below. 

Step 2) Add a Venue

To add a venue, simply click on the “Add a Venue” button. Along with the Venue Name, you can add its Address. 

The Venue will now appear in the list. To edit a venue’s details or delete it, click on it from the list to reopen. 

For information on how to assign content to a Venue, see this article: Assigning content to a Venue

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