How to record presenting your slides

The conference organisers may ask you to record you presenting alongside your presentation slides. This is often called a "picture on picture" recording. There are a variety of options for software that you can use to record picture in picture and this is a great way to add additional engagement and personality to your content.

Note: The conference organisers will confirm the length of presentation and/or number of slides allowable so be sure to stick to these limits.

Using the Webex meeting software

Using Webex, you can record yourself and your slide presentation. Webex is the software that will be used later to access the live stages at the event so it's worth getting familiar with it now. 

  1. Create your Webex account:
  2. Download Webex Events - this will also be used later at the live event. 
  3. Start a Webex Meeting in your personal room.
  4. Refer to recording tips article before getting started.
  5. While in your personal room, share your presentation/content and have it open on the first page.
  6. Record your video, then start the presentation while moving through the slides. Both the video and presentation will be visible in the recording. Be aware your picture will appear at the top of the screen, with the content below it. 
  7. Download your video to your computer. It will be in MP4 format. Check the length against the limitations set by the organisers. 
  8. Upload the video when ready to the Presentations module in Ex Ordo: Uploading Presentation Files

Using recording software

If you are using a PC, you may wish to use Windows Moviemaker and on Mac you may use Quicktime Player. 

Using specialised software

Another free option is Open Broadcaster Software or OBS available on both platforms. This programme is very powerful, allowing you to set “Scenes” and have input from multiple sources at the same time.

This will allow you to record your Powerpoint on your main screen while simultaneously recording your webcam.

In addition to having your recording of the camera and the powerpoint at the same time, you can also add text or graphics on screen. It will also record the audio from your screen in addition to your microphone.

OBS have an extensive wiki around what is possible with this tool.

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