Uploading presentation files

This article will walk you through the presentation upload workflow, the steps that you will have to take to upload the presentation files you will use to help present your work. The exact files or questions you're asked to upload will vary depending on the conference.

Access the Presentation Upload Workflow

After you've been accepted to present at the conference the organisers may ask you to log in to the Ex Ordo system and upload your presentation files. On your dashboard, you will have a prompt on My Presentations card directing you to this workflow.

Guide for Presenters

Generally, the organisers will provide you with some help text, as below, which should provide some instruction as to what kind of files you must upload for your presentation. You may have already received this information from them before but it's worth paying attention to this step before you begin the workflow to confirm that the files you have ready are what you're being asked for!

1) Confirm Presenters

The first step will be to confirm who will be presenting at the conference.  You'll see yourself and any co-authors listed on this page and each person marked with a green tick will be set as presenting. Conference organisers might prevent you from making this change. In that case this step will be skipped.

2) Presenter Biographies

Note: This step may not be available on all presentation workflows, or may not even be required. If you are not asked to enter a biography, you can continue on to Step 3 below!

If you are shown this step, and more than one author is marked as presenting, you will be asked to enter a biography for each presenting author. If a word count has been specified then the word count will decrease as you type into the box. If you exceed the word count you will have to remove some words before you can move on.

3) Powerpoint File

Typically, most presentation files that are asked for will be in one of Microsoft Powerpoint's standard file formats. Select Upload File to upload the relevant presentation file that you wish to attach to your accepted submission.

It may take a second or two for the file to be upload, but once it is you will see it listed on that page. You can select the trash sign to remove it from your submission if you wish to replace it with a different file. 

As final step you can allow sharing your presentation with the rest of the delegates at the conference. The files will be shared if the conference administrators decided to do so. 

Note: You may also be given the opportunity to attach other kinds of presentation files, e.g. video files or images. If so, this page will show you the exact file extensions which will be accepted. You won't be able to upload any other kinds of files.

Once this last step has been completed, your presentation files are now uploaded; congratulations!

Note: Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 50MB. Video file size is unlimited.

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