Notifying presenters of their presentation times

Note: This article covers how to email presenters in the Ex Ordo Programme only. If you are using the Virtual hub and Event Space instead, read about how to email virtual presenters.

Once your Programme is built you might want to let your Presenters know about their presentation times. To do so you can use the Presenters filter in Communications hub with the [[PresentationTimes]] Macro.

Keep in mind that while "Presenters" are authors that are marked as Presenting authors in Ex Ordo, they are also assigned to the conference Programme. Due to this distinction, you won't be able to use this macro if you're using the Accepted authors => Presenting Authors filter or if all your sessions are built as Manual content only.

1) Create a new message

Go to the Communications hub and select to create a New Message as below:

2) Select Presenters

In Step 1 of the mail process, select "Presenters". If you can't see this option it could be that your Conference Programme module is still not enabled. In that case please contact Ex Ordo Support -

3) Use appropriate filters

In the next step, you can apply some additional filters if you wish. You can filter by the Programme day or Registration status if you're using the Ex Ordo registration system. Your list of recipients will update as you make changes to the filters.

4) Use [[PresentationTimes]] Macro to populate the data

In "Step 3 Write" you can use the  [[PresentationTimes]] macro to pull in data on your Presenters programme information.

One email will be sent to each presenter and the email will include:

  • Session name, date and time
  • Preceding presentation information
  • Proceeding presentation information
  • Venue
  • Chair information

When you move to the next step you will be able to see the preview of the information. 

It should look similar to the below:

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