Creating sessions with variable presentation lengths

It's not unusual that some of your sessions might have presentations with different lengths. It could be a case where your session starts with a Keynote that you assign 20 mins presentation time to and then fill out the rest of the session with Oral presentations that are 10 mins each. The article below will explain how to do just that by creating sessions with variable presentation lengths.

Note: Only "Assign Submission" session types can use this setting.

1) Create a Session

To be able to create session with variable presentations lengths your Session needs to be one of the predefined Session types as below.

Once the session type is selected you will see a second option as below. You can then decide which type of content you wish to add to this oral session. To be able to use variable presentation times your session has to be the "Assign Submissions" type as shown below:

2) Configure Presentations length setting

Once you have your created your session and have entered session details, you can adjust Presentation lengths settings from the Submissions tab. 

3) Adjust each presentation length

Now it's time to assign your presentations to the session. Once presentations have been  assigned you can adjust the length of each presentation and the interval as below:

Once the Presentation times and the intervals have been set, they will be 'locked' to that specific presentation. 

That means that if you drag and drop a submission from being the last presentation to the first in the session, you might need to adjust the length of the presentation or interval again.

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