Assigning a submission to a session

When you've created a session, you may wish to add an accepted submission or multiple submissions to make up the content of that session. Doing so is simple, and allows your delegates to see the submission content in each session. 

1) Open programme builder

To navigate to the builder select Open Builder from your Programme Overview page as below: 

2) Find or create a session

In the Programme Builder, you'll see all the sessions you've created so far. If you have yet to create any sessions, check out our article on this here

To get started, click on the session that you want to start assigning submissions to.

Then, the session will take over the screen. Click on the Submissions tab to start assigning presentations to that session.

3) Filtering your submissions

You will see your list of submissions on the right-hand side of the panel. By default we will show unassigned submissions.

You can filter by a number of categories to narrow your selection or search for a specific submission.

Options include:

  • topic 
  • decision
  • ID, title, author

You can also use the More Filters page to use different criteria for filtering and press Apply Filters once criteria are chosen.

Programme Filters

Hide if assigned to another session? This can be changed to show already assigned submissions in your list in case you need to assign submissions to multiple sessions.

Presenter Filters

Presenter Registrations: If you have registration enabled, you can filter by the registration status of the presenters on the submission.

Review Filters

Decisions: You can filter by the final decision of submissions.

Reviewers: You can filter by a particular reviewer for their reviewed material.

Scores: You can filter by the general and/or acceptance score.

Submission Filters

Formats: You can filter by the original submission format chosen by the author (if any).

Topics: You can filter by the topic(s) chosen by the author (if any).

4) Assign presentations

When you have found the submission, you can click on it and select Add to Session. In the below example, we are showing submissions already assigned to another session.

If a submission is assigned to this specific session you will see a checkbox appearing next to the submission title. If a submission is already assigned to a different session this will be marked on the Submission assigner list, as below:

5) Check presentation settings

In the middle side of the panel, you can decide what each presentation length will be and if you need any intervals between each presentation in the session. You can also hide or show presentations times for this session or create a session where presentations are different or equal lengths.

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