Registering keynotes/sponsors

You can register on behalf of your delegates, keynotes or anyone else who you need to register for the conference that may not be able to register themselves. Or perhaps you do not wish for them to register themselves. 

How to register someone else

Navigate to My Registration card and select Register to create a new registration.

At this point, you have the choice of either registering for yourself, editing your registration (if you've already registered) or registering someone else. Click I'm registering somebody else and enter their email address in the text box below. 

The person does not need to already have an Ex Ordo account. 

You can also add in a discount code if you want them to receive a free or reduced registration fee. If you haven't created a discount code but you would like to read how to create a discount code.

Then confirm that this is the correct email you wish to use for registering them.

Enter the first and last name of the delegate and click Start Registration.

Finally, hit Let's go and you will be taken to the registration form to complete registration for the speaker. 

Once you complete the registration for this keynote, you both will receive confirmation by email and you will both be able to view the registration details while logged in to your respective Ex Ordo accounts. 

Managing other registrations

When you register for yourself and other people, you can view all those registrations and their details in the list of registrations, where you'll also see any other registered delegate. 

Note: While you can register as many other people as you need to, you can register only one person at a time. 

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