Creating a discount code for delegates

There may be certain delegates to whom you'd like to offer special, discounted prices. To do this, you can create discount codes and share them so these special prices can be accessed by only those with the discount code. You can create as many discount codes as you need. You can also package together different prices for multiple fees in one discount.

Accessing discount codes

Create your discount codes by selecting the Manage dropdown and hitting 'Discount Codes'.

Add a discount code

To add a discount code for your delegates, select 'Add a New Discount Code'.

When you do, you will notice several items to consider in order to create the code.

a) Discount Code - this is the actual code that will be used for your discount. You can click on this to copy it and then share it with the delegates to whom you'd like to offer the discount.

b) Nickname - this is your own, private name for the discount. No one else will see it. It could be, for example, 'Keynote discount'.

c) Discounts - Here you can see every fee, workshop and social event that you added, with the option to create a discount for each. To add a discount select the item you want to give to discount to - for example, Member Fee - select 'Add Discount Price' beside it.

Then, simply enter the amount you'd like to be the discount price and it's set up for you. 

Discount codes will reduce the overall price to the reduced price for early bird, regular and late pricing windows. In the example above, the discount applied will always be 100 euro, regardless of the pricing window.

Using the discount code

Anyone you share the discount code will be able to enter the code when registering they can avail of the discounted price.

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