Track Chair: Resending a message

If you've sent a message, you may want to resend the message to one or more of the recipients. Perhaps the email bounced, or they didn't catch it the first time. You can do this through the Communication hub.

Step 1) Navigate to message

In the Communication hub, you'll see your list of messages. Find the one you need to resend in the list and click on it.

Step 2) Find the recipient

When you click on it, the message will expand, allowing you to see its content, details and recipients. On the left you'll see the list of recipients. Find the person to whom you need to resend the message (you can search the list too) and click on their name.

Step 3) Resend

Now you'll see a Resend button. Click on it and the message will instantly resend to this recipient. They will be added to the same recipient list of the original message.

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