Changing my registration

Once registered, you may wish to change a fee or event/workshop or simply update an address. You can login and do so as long as the conference organisers still allow changes. You can even apply a discount code when already registered. 

Step 1) Login to the conference

The first thing you must do is  log in to the conference dashboard. If you are an author or a reviewer who already used the system you should make sure to log in with the same email that you are already using for this conference.

Step 2) Go to your Registrations hub

Once you have registered, you will see you can View your registration from your your dashboard. Clicking on this will take you to your Registrations hub.

Step 3) Viewing your Registration

From the Registrations hub, you will see your registration and any other registrations you may have made on behalf of other people. Select View Details on the registration you wish to change.

Step 4) Edit the Registration

From your Registrations hub, you can select the option to Edit Registration. This will bring you into your form.
Step 5) Changing your registration

You can click and select any step to change the registration. Your basket in the top right hard corner will record any amendments:

Step 5) Go to Checkout

On the final step, you will confirm your registration. You can also use a discount code here. Any changes will be highlighted in your registration details:

Depending on what you have changed, you will have three options to choose from:

  • Confirm: you changed your registration and did not incur an extra cost
  • Pay by Credit Card/Bank Transfer: you changed your registration and did incur an extra cost
  • Claim Refund: you changed your registration and the conference owes you money

Once you finish, this will be recorded in your activity stream in your Registrations hub:

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