Display of submissions in your programme

When creating your sessions, you can add accepted submissions to those sessions to make up the presentation content. In doing so, those submissions will populate in their respective sessions, showing details such as the submission titles, the abstract or paper content, author names, affiliations, topics. You can choose to show or hide some details which you can read more about here.

At a Glance view

After you've assigned a submission to a session, you can preview it and see it as your delegates would when viewing your Programme. When you click on any session in the At a Glance view, you'll see more details on that session and its assigned submissions.

Session view

Once in the session view, each assigned submission appears on the right hand side with details such as presentation time, submission title, authors and affiliations. Clicking on View Presentation will show you the submission in full detail.

Submission view

When you've entered the submission itself, you'll see all the submission details including title, abstract or paper content, author names and affiliations.

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