Track chair: Contacting a reviewer

There are two methods you can use to contact a reviewer through our Communication hub.

Method 1:

In your list of submissions, find one of the submissions assigned to the reviewer. For faster search result you can use filter on the top, and by typing in the reviewer name find the reviewer you would like to contact:

When you have found the reviewer you need, click on submission title to open it, and scroll down to the reviewer name. Click on the mark as shown below, to open the menu, and select Contact Reviewer:

You will be sent to the Communication hub and can write an email directly to the reviewer.

Method 2:

Go to the List of Reviewers.  Place your mouse over the name of the reviewer. An option to Contact this reviewer will then appear. Click on it to be sent to the Communication hub to email the reviewer.

Note: In the list of reviewers, you'll see the email address of the reviewer which you can also use to contact him/her from your own inbox.

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