Track chair: What does 'pending', 'withdrawn' , 'completed' and 'submitted' actually mean?

The Ex Ordo platform has a number of statuses that are visible to track chairs in various places. These statuses are explained below:

  • Submitted: the content is complete and eligible to be reviewed (seen in the initial submissions hub)
  • Pending:
    • In the initial submissions hub, this status means that the content is not complete. It is missing some required information and cannot be considered for the review.
    • In the presentations and final submissions hub, this means that authors on fully accepted content have not gone through the workflows. These workflows may be optional and therefore, the pending status is not a problem. You can still assign pending final submissions and presentations into the schedule. Alternatively, you can withdraw the work if authors do not give you new, required content.
  • Withdrawn: Withdrawn content cannot be reviewed and added into the schedule. Content can be withdrawn by authors before the deadline or by track chairs and admins at any time.
  • Completed: indicates accepted authors have completed the workflow in the presentations and final submissions hub.

Track chairs will see the status of content in a number of places including:

  • the List of Submissions in the Initial Submissions hub

  • the List of Panels in the Initial submissions hub (if the panels feature is enabled on your platform)

  • the List of Presentations in the Presentations hub (if enabled)

  • The List of Final Submissions (if enabled)

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