Template Files for Proceedings Book

Great, you have decided to build a book with us! To build a proceedings book, we will use the final papers uploaded by your accepted authors instead of the abstracts. 

If you require a proceedings book, it would be best if the formatting for the PDF files match the standard formatting in our book. This will result a consistent book design and better looking product for you! We have outlined the templates below.

File types

To keep the formatting consistent, we will require all final papers to upload as PDF format - this will allow us to compile them together for your book. If authors have uploaded MS Word (.doc or .docx files) then these will need to be re-uploaded as PDFs. Any final files which have not been uploaded as PDFs when we build the book will not be included.

Single Double/Sided

To obtain a single sided/double sided book, the papers must be provided as single or double sided - we cannot amend after the author has uploaded.

Headers/Page Numbers

The authors will not need to add this information, we will add these in as we build the final book.


Please see the template below for each book type:

A4 templates

Word A4 file template  

PDF A4 file template

Letter Templates

Word Letter file template  

PDF Letter file template

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