Multiple review stages

The Ex Ordo system was originally built to only deal with one stage of the review. The system can now support more than one stage of review - usually two stages is the norm.

After authors are accepted and upload their final drafts, their material can be rolled back and placed under review once again. This would need to be configured and done by the  Ex Ordo Support team. The process flow is outlined below:


What will happen to the current reviewers on each submission?

You have two choices for how the reviewers are allocated during the second review:

  • Reviewers can review the same submission as they did in the first stage
  • The first review allocation will be cleared and new reviewers can be assigned to the second stage

Can I review one type of submission in my first stage (e.g. abstracts) and another type in my second stage (e.g. full paper)?

Yes, the final drafts of the first stage are the reviewing material for the second. You can decide exactly what material should be gathered in the first stage for the second review. 

Can I start the second stage of the review without notifying accepted/rejected authors?

No, you must notify all authors of your acceptance/rejection decisions after the first review before you can start the rollback process.

How can I deal with authors who have not uploaded their final drafts for the second stage of the review?

Prior to the rollback, the submissions for these authors will be seen as pending in the Programme stage .

You then have three choices for how they are treated during the rollback to the second review:

  • Withdraw: you can remove them from the conference completely
  • Complete: you can decide they should be moved into the second stage review even without the final draft material. An empty file will be present for the reviewers of these submissions
  • Ignore: you can leave them as pending but you must manually login to amend these submissions before publishing the second review stage (e.g. you can manually upload their final draft, mark them as Do Not Review etc.).

Can I create a different marking scheme for each stage of review?

Yes, you can - all review settings can be different in the second stage. 

Can I set up a three/four/five stage review?

Yes but each stage must be configured by the Ex Ordo support team.

Can I have a Two Stage Review when I am using different tracks?

Yes, that can be configured for you. However, all the tracks must have their decisions published and authors notified before starting the rollback. And all tracks must be rolled back and have a second review stage - we cannot only apply the rollback to one track. 

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