Uploading your final submission

A final submission can either be a revised version of your abstract or a full paper upload, depending on what the conference organisers request.This article outlines the steps that you need to take to upload your final submission. You can upload a final submission once your submission has been reviewed and accepted to the conference.

To begin, log into your Ex Ordo account. On your dashboard you will see My Final Submissions card and a prompt to Submit Final Submission:

If there is no card visible:

  1. The conference organizers may have not opened the system for final submissions or are not collecting final submissions at all.
  2. The RSVP for the submission may have been declined by you or a co-author. More about the RSVP process here.
  3. This may happen if you or a co-author have already uploaded your files and wish to make changes - then you can access your final submission by clicking on Edit Final Submission from the same card. It will look like on the picture below:

Navigate to your original submission

Clicking on the button will bring you to your original submission with a new workflow for it. It will look something like this:

Follow the instructions that are listed on this page. As soon as you're happy to begin, click on the Skip: Start Workflow button at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the first step of the workflow; Title & Abstract.

Step 1) Title & Abstract

On this page you will be able to edit the title and abstract of your submission. To do this, just click on the relevant text box and type. There is now formatting available for your abstracts - more information about our text editor  here. If there is a restriction placed on the number of words allowed in the abstract, you will see the words remaining decreasing as you type. As soon as you're ready, click on Done: Go to the next Step. You'll then be brought to the Authors step. 

Step 2) Authors

Here you can change the authors details as you did when you submitted your original abstract.  You can choose who will be the corresponding and presenting authors. You can edit their details by clicking on Edit Author beside their names. 

Step 2a) Additional Author Information

The organizers may have added in some custom questions for all authors and the system will show you the missing information you have to complete before moving on to the next step, as below:

These questions can be required and optional as on the example above. If required you won't be able to move to the next step if not answered. When you reply to the added question you can click Done to save the change for each author.

Once you are happy with the author list, click on Done: Go To The Next Step.

Step 3) Review Comments

If the organizer chooses, they can ask you to explain how you have incorporated the comments from the reviewers into your submission. You can fill out the comment boxes to explain the steps taken to the organizers.

When uploaded, select Done: Go To The Next Step.

Step 4) Source files

Again, this step may not be in your workflow. Some conference wish to collect source files from their authors. If asked, you can upload the material to the system.

Step 5) Copyright

Again, the conference may ask for copyright for your submission. They can do this by asking you to tick a checkbox or by uploading a file provided by them.

When uploaded, select Done: Go To The Next Step.

Step 6) Additional Information

This step may not be part of the workflow. If the conference organisers asked for some additional information in the submission workflow, they may ask you to confirm the same questions in this step. Some new questions also might be added for you to complete. The questions can be required or optional. If required you won't be able to move to the next step without completing.

Step 7) Uploading your final paper

This step may not be part of the workflow depending on the conference requirements.

To upload your final paper, Click on the Upload Paper button. A pop-up will appear and you can browse your computer for your file. You can also drag and drop your file into the box. Once it's selected it'll appear here like this:

If you would like to remove your file, simply click on the trash can sign beside it. Then upload another file using the upload file button. Please note that only certain file types will be able to be uploaded. These vary depending on the conference. 

If you try to upload an incorrect file the system will notify you about this as below:

Once you're happy with your upload, click on Done; Save Submission and Ta-dah! You've successfully uploaded your final draft and will receive an email confirmation of your upload!

If you are having trouble uploading your paper

If you try and upload your file but either get an error message or it does not accept your submission you should check for one of two things:

1) If it is a large file or your internet connection is slow, try waiting a minute to see if the upload will go through.

2) Make sure that you are uploading the correct type of file. Most conferences ask for either a MS Word DOC or DOCX file or a PDF document. If you are trying to upload a DOCX file and it isn't going through, try uploading your paper as a PDF (or vice versa). Chairs should specify what type of file you must upload for your final draft but if not, you should try contacting them at the general conference email for clarification. 

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