Using the Ex Ordo text editor

When entering content into Ex Ordo, you will now be able to use our text editor for better formatting and more accurate information display e.g. mathematical characters. Also the system will provide clearer feedback as to whether your draft text has been saved!

Our editor will appear around the system in various places including:

  • The design of the Guide for Authors
  • The entry of the abstract content
  • The customisation of emails

Below you can see an example of a Guide for Authors Text, using a variety of formatting tools available in the text editor:

And as it appears to an author:

Depending on where in the system, you are entering text you will see certain choices available to you to format your content. We have explained each option below. 


As seen in the image below, you can create a header for your text, with three separate header styles available, seen in the top right corner of the text editor box.

Bold, Italic, Underline

You can also use tools such bold, italics and underline for the header or main body text. In order to do this, click on the appropriate switch above, for example, the 'B' for bold and then continue to write what you need in bold. Or, you can write the text you need in bold, highlight it and then click on bold. The same applies for italics and underline.


You can also add in subscript and superscript in the same way you would bold or italics, with the switches highlighted in the red boxes below.


Additionally, you have the option of arranging a section of text in either bullet points or as numbers in a list, as shown below. The ordering options are highlighted by the red boxes. To enable this tool, write the text you want arranged as such, highlight it and then click on the relevant option i.e bullet points or numbers.


If you wish to indent an external link to a piece of text in the text box, highlight it, click on the link symbol shown in the red box below and you will be able to indent the link using your specific URL.

Special Characters

You can also add in a selection of special characters to your text. This might be accents for letters or specific symbols necessary to your text. In order to access these, click on the symbol in the toolbar highlighted below and you can select from a catalogue of symbols and special characters.

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