What is the maximum number of recipients for an email?

Sending large amounts of emails is a complicated process! We have to process the request in our system and then send it to our email delivery client to send it to your recipients. This process takes a lot of time and large amounts of emails being sent out repeatedly could get our email servers blacklisted as spam, which in turn would disrupt email deliverability for all our customers (and we can't allow this).

What is spam?

We ask all our customers to adhere to the SpamHaus Project definition of spam:


"An electronic message is "spam" if:

(A) the recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients; and 

(B) the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission for it to be sent."

Specifically we need to ask if you have "verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission" to send this Call for Papers to these people. i.e. have these people given you their email address with the intent that you can send them a Call for Papers? 

What does it mean for you?

If you don't adhere to the guidelines above and send your mailing list to lots of people (i.e. 5000+), there is a strong possibility that our network will be blacklisted and all of our customer's emails will be blocked i.e any conference using Ex Ordo will not be able to send emails to authors/reviewers.

If you have a list with 5000+ people you have two options:

  1. You shorten your list down
  2. Contact support@exordo.com to send the message out in batches

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