Collecting abstracts in multiple boxes

Sometimes, collecting abstracts in one box is limiting for conference organizers. In this article, we explain how our split abstract feature allows you to collect the information in multiple boxes.

What is a split abstract?

A split abstract allows you to break down the abstract text-box into multiple text-boxes.

Instead of asking authors to copy paste their whole abstract in one field, you can define as many fields as needed, with custom headings as needed.

This is particularly useful if you want to make sure authors comply with a specific structure for the abstracts submitted. For example, you can break down the abstract text-box into three text-boxes: Introduction, Methodology and Results. You can decide if any of these extra boxes should be mandatory or optional, allowing you complete control of your author's workflow.

Word Count and Split Abstracts

When choosing to add in split abstracts, you have two options with respect to the word count.

Option 1

You can choose to have one word count for all the boxes so they all contribute, with no limit on any one box. 

Option 2

You can choose to have specific word counts for each box.

If you need to use this feature, please contact and we can have you up and running in no time!

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