How to change stage managers already assigned to a stage day

You may need to change stage managers throughout a stage day. For example, you may have one person hosting the morning sessions and a different person hosting after lunch.

If you are using Webex, meetings rooms must close completely to change stage managers in Ex Ordo. If your virtual meeting room is not closing please see this article on how to promote an attendee to become a stage manager in Webex.

Reminder: Before assigning stage managers to sessions and/or rehearsals, you need to first create their Webex and Ex Ordo accounts. Check out this article for more details: Creating Stage Manager Accounts on Webex and Ex Ordo

Step 1: Navigate into the Virtual Builder > Stages

Step 2: Click on the Stage Days tab

Step 3: Select Manage This Stage Day next to the appropriate stage

Step 4: Click on the Change Stage Manager button

Reminder: You can only change stage managers if the Webex room is closed.

Step 5: Select a different person from the drop-down menu

That's it! The new person will be able to open the stage when it is time.

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