Creating Stage Manager Accounts on Webex and Ex Ordo

Stage Managers are the technical people who are responsible for carrying out technical tasks such as:

  • opening virtual meetings rooms
  • recording sessions
  • promoting attendees to panelists when it is their time to speak
  • managing the chat and Q&A if using

Stage managers are required for all conferences using Webex. If you are a virtual customer that is using custom meeting links to run your conference in Zoom, Teams, (etc.), then you do not need to add stage managers.

Creating stage manager accounts in Webex

Step 1: Email your stage manager's email addresses. This must be done before adding them into Ex Ordo.

Step 2: Ex Ordo Support will create Webex accounts for your stage managers.

Ex Ordo Support may need to request an alternative email address for your stage managers if they already have a Webex account associated with the email provided.

Step 3: All stage managers will receive an email from Webex asking them to create and verify their Webex accounts. They should follow the prompts in the email from Cisco Webex.

Step 4: Once in Webex, admins can add the stage manager into Ex Ordo. See below for the next steps!

Creating Stage manager accounts on Ex Ordo

Step 1: Navigate to the Virtual Builder > Stages

Step 2: Open the Stage Managers tab or use the Quick Add menu to Add a Stage Manager

If you are looking at the Stage Managers tab, click the Add a Stage Manager button.

Step 3: Input the Stage Manager Email

Step 4: Complete the Stage Manager details

Step 5: That's it! You can add as many stage managers as you need after they are verified in Webex.

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