Practice session - Prep room for Presenters

Practice sessions let hosts, cohosts and panellists speak and share screens without attendees being able to see or hear them. Practice sessions will need to be enabled by the host once they start the stage.

Within a webinar, as the host, I can start a practice session by clicking on the 3 dots in the bottom menu. 

This is what it looks like for attendees when a practice session is in progress

While the practice session is running, the host can make attendees into panellists which will bring them into the practice session so they can see and hear what’s happening. 

Before you end a practice session, close any shared documents, presentations, whiteboards, web content, and polls that you do not want to share with attendees. If you do not close shared items before ending a practice session, attendees can view the shared items once you end the practice session.

To close the Practise session select 3 dots in the bottom menu and click on Stop Practise session.

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