How to edit your submission

This article outlines the steps needed when editing a submission. You can edit your submission under these circumstances: 

  • Before the submission deadline
  • After your paper has been accepted to the conference, when uploading your final draft

The first thing you have to do, is log into your Ex Ordo account.

Step 1) Finding your paper  

To find your paper, you can click on  your "View all Papers" To Do on your dashboard. Once you click here, you will brought to the submission list page.

Step 2) Selecting your paper

From the submission list, click on the paper (where the red arrow is pointing) that you wish to edit. This will bring you to the submission overview page.

This is the submission overview page. Here you can see all the information about your submission such as title, authors, abstract, topic areas, track, presentation format and the date it was submitted. To edit your submission, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "edit" button.

This is the edit submission workflow. It's the same as the paper submission workflow, except you can now access any step in the workflow simply by clicking on it. Yay! So if you have to edit the author email addresses, or maybe correct your title text , then simply click on "Authors" or "Title and Abstract".

Once you are on the section of your submission that you would like to change, simply click on the text boxes, or on the author's names in the author list and type to make your changes. You can also use our text editor to spruce up the layout of your abstract - to find out more about our text editor, see  here

In any step in the workflow, once you have made your changes, you can click on the "Done: Go To The Next Step" or " Save Submission" at the bottom of the page to save your changes. Click through all the steps in the workflow on the side. Once you reach the final step and click "Save Submission" you will be shown a new submission receipt on your screen, updated with the changes that you've made.

Ta dah! Your changes have been made!

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