Checking if my Panel contribution is submitted?

You can check if your Panel contribution is submitted at any point in the conference by logging into your Ex Ordo account.

The My Submissions card will show if any of your submissions are Submitted, Pending, or Withdrawn. This card is located on your dashboard.

If you click on the View in List button from the card, you will have the option to Edit or Withdraw your submission from the panel. These options are only available before the submission deadline. 

Note: After the submission deadline, only conference organisers can edit or withdraw submissions.

If your Panel contribution has a status of withdrawn but you did not take this action, the panel organisers most likely withdrew the entire panel. 

If this happens, your now withdrawn submission will still be visible to you on your list of submissions. You can choose to reinsert it as an individual submission. Alternatively, you can submit to a different panel by adding a new submission. If the submission deadline has passed, you cannot submit and/or edit any of you submissions.

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