Submitting contribution to an existing panel

To submit to a panel you must first create or log into your Ex Ordo account.

On your dashboard, you will see the Submit Abstract card. Click on Browse List of Panels to see what panels are available. 

You will then be able to see all panes that the conference currently has and can click on the name on the panel you wish to submit a contribution for.

Once a panel is expanded, you can see additional details such as a panel description, panel topics and panel organisers. Click on Submit to Panel if you wish to make a contribution. You can also click on a panel organiser's name for more information such as their email address. You can contact them outside of Ex Ordo if you have further questions. 

Note: in some cases, you must be invited to submit to a panel. Please contact the panel organisers directly if you wish to submit to an invite only panel.

After clicking the Submit to Panel button, you will be taken into the submission workflow. Please read the Instructions for Authors carefully before proceeding and select Next when ready.

Step 1: Enter your submission title and abstract into the text fields. There may be a word limit. If so, this will be visible underneath the abstract box. Hit Done when ready to proceed.

Step 2: Add the required author information for all named authors on the submission. The required information varies by conference but includes things such as name, email, affiliation, country and title. You can add additional authors as needed. Hit Done when ready to proceed. 

Note: There may be a limit on how many presenting and how many total authors can be on a single submission. This decision is made by the conference organisers. 

Step 3: This step is optional and may not be visible to you. Conference organisers may choose to ask for additional information, but many do not. If they do, you can complete any additional information questions and hit Done to complete your submission. 

That's it! After hitting Done on the final step, you will see your panel contribution in full. You can review the details and Edit or Withdraw your contribution. The system will send you a receipt 15 minutes after completing your submission

You can view all of your individual and panel contributions in the My Submissions tab on the platform. You can edit, withdraw or submit something new before the submission deadline passes. 

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