Admin: Submitting a Panel on behalf of the panel organiser

Admins can submit panels in Ex Ordo by following a few simple steps. Panel organisers can submit panels themselves, but admins can follow the steps below to create one on behalf of a panel organiser.

To get started, locate the Submit Abstract card on the dashboard. Then, click on the Submit Your Panel Now button. 

Clicking the Submit your Panel Now button will bring admins into the New Panel workflow. The 3 steps that always appear in the submission workflow include: Title & Description, Roles, and Topics. If additional information questions were added, there may be a few additional custom questions. See below for more information on each step. 

Step 1: Title and Description

The first step in the workflow has 3 key parts. Admins will need to request the following information from panel organisers, but can enter it into the system on their behalf.

  • Title - enter the name of the panel here
  • Description - enter key information for authors here. For example, panel organisers may have an experience requirement, be looking for very specific research or possibly only opening a specific panel to students. This type of information can be added here.
  • Submission by invite only - this toggle is automatically set to No, which means all panels are public by default. Anyone who logs into a platform can submit to a public panel. If a panel only wants invited authors to submit, this toggle should be set to Yes.

Step 2: Roles

The admin who is submitting the Panel will automatically be added as the organiser on Step 2: Roles. If that person is not the panel organiser, they will need to first add another organiser and then remove themselves

When adding a new panel organiser, there will be some required information such as title, first name, surname, affiliation and country. 

*Ex Ordo Support can disable or make the following fields optional: title, affiliation and country. Please note that disabling or making these fields optional will also do the same for all authors. 

Once a second organiser has been added, it is now possible to remove yourself as a panel organiser. You can continue to add additional panel organisers as needed or the named organiser can add more later on.

There are three role options available. Organisers can be one, two or all three of these roles. The roles include:

  • Convener
  • Discussant
  • Panel Chair

Note: Later on, in Review, only the Convenor role will be able to review submissions. 

Step 3: Topics

Next, select the appropriate topics for this panel. This may be the final step!

Step 4: Additional Information (optional)

This step may or may not be included when submitting a new panel. If custom questions were added in Step 6 of the Initial Submissions Workflow, they will also appear here. Hit Done when finished and you are all set!

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