Promoting Attendees and Changing Roles on your Live Stage (Webex Webinars)

When running a live stage via Webex Webinars, all Session Speakers (including presenting authors, session chair, etc.) join as an Attendee and at some point will need to be promoted by the Stage Manager. 

Whether you decide to promote your upcoming Session Speakers to Panelists at the beginning of the session, or wait until they’re due to speak/present, this article details how you would do so. 

Note: When an Attendee is promoted to a Panelist, they are able to mute/unmute themselves, and turn on/off their camera. Once a Panelist, they can then be made Presenter which gives them the ability to Share Content via the Share Screen.

Step 1) Open “View All Attendees” 

In the Webex Event, in the Participants Panel, click and open “View All”. This will give you a list of all your Attendees. 

Step 2) Select Attendee and Make Panelist

Once you’ve opened the Attendees List, search for the Attendee you would like to make a panelist. The search bar makes it easy to find a specific Attendee if you have a large volume of Attendees. 

Once you’ve found the person, click the ellipsis (...) to the right of their name and click the “Make Panelist” button. 

Once you have clicked “Make Panelist” the system will ask you to confirm that this is the correct action to take.

Once you click ‘OK’, you will see this person now under Panelists. They can now unmute/mute themselves, along with turn on/off their camera. 

The Presenter Role

If the Panelists/Speakers have something to share as part of their presentation (e.g. PowerPoint slides, Keynote), the Stage Manager will need to pass the Presenter role to them so they can Share Content via Share Screen.

This is easily done by finding the speaker's name in the list of Panelists, right clicking on “Change Role To” and click “Presenter”. 

Another way of passing the Presenter role is by clicking and dragging the red square under the presenters name (as highlighted below) to the name of whoever you wish to make the new Presenter.

Once finished, the current Presenter can pass the role to the next Panelist who needs to present, or the Stage Manager can do so. 

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