Starting a live session (Webex Webinars)

Before we start, it’s vital to note that Stage Managers must use a Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer to host a live stage. If you use a different operating system or a mobile device, you won’t  be able to access the Webex event. See these articles for more technical requirements and need-to-know info: Stage Manager Guidelines

Step 1) Navigate to the Stage Day

If you’re a Stage Manager but not an Admin, once you open the Virtual Builder, you’ll be brought to Stages Overview. On the page you can see all your upcoming Stage Days. Click on “View Stage Day” to view each one.

(If you’re an Admin as well as a Stage Manager, in your nav bar you’ll need to navigate to Virtual Builder > Stages to access this view.)

The messaging on the left-side will change depending on when the stage is due to go live. 

Further down on the page you will also see additional details such as the Webex Host Key (which anyone can use to take over your hosting role in Webex if something goes wrong onstage) and links to helpful articles in the Ex Ordo knowledge base. 

Step 2) Start Hosting the Stage 

When the event is due to go live within the hour, you will see a “Time to Start Hosting” message. To begin, simply click the “Host this Stage Day” button. 

By clicking on the button above you will be brought to Cisco Webex and see a screen similar to the one below:

Find the correct stage and time from the list. Once you've found it, click “Start”. Once you hit start, if you have not already downloaded Cisco Webex Meetings, you will be prompted to do so now. 

You will be brought through to the Webex Event and get a screen similar to the one below:

Clicking the “Start Webinar” button will allow you to enter the meeting as the Stage Manager (this role is called the “Host” in Webex).

Once you have started the Webex Webinar, you should prepare the stage based by enabling or disabling functions based on how you would like to run your event. For more information, check out the Stage Manager Guidelines.

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