Adding Webex Recordings to a Session

When hosting a live session on a stage, it’s possible to record the event within Webex. 

This article details how to upload this video recording to a session so attendees can watch it on-demand. 

Note: We recommend Stage Managers stop recording after each session and start at the beginning of the next. This will ensure each session is recorded as a separate video which can be uploaded to the session within the Event Space. 

Step 1) Navigate to ‘File Manager’ 

In the Virtual Builder, under ‘Tools’, click on ‘File Manager’ > ‘Recordings’. 

Here you will see a list of all the Webex recordings currently available. The list will include both live stage and rehearsal recordings. 

Step 2) Fetch Recordings 

At the top of every hour, the system will fetch any new recordings from Webex. You can also trigger this action by clicking on the ‘Fetch Recordings’ button. 

It can take Webex 24 - 48 hours to process a recording. Once processed, the Ex Ordo system can fetch them. So sometimes when you try to fetch a recent recording, it may not appear right away.

When you click on the ‘Fetch Recordings’ button, you will see this information in the text box. 

Step 3) Filter & Find Recording 

On the recording page, you’ll see all your recordings, along with their stage, date, time and Stage Manager.  There are filters and a search bar on this page to help you find what you’re looking for. 

Along with filtering by stage and date, you can filter by status. There are seven statuses a video recording can be in:

  • Queued: We’re getting ready to fetch the recording from Webex. It’s in a queue. 
  • Fetching: We’re fetching the recording from Webex. 
  • Fetched: We’ve fetched the recording from Webex. 
  • Processing: We’re processing the recording on our side and it will be available shortly. 
  • Unpublished: The recording is ready for you to publish to a session. 
  • Published: The recording has been published to at least one session. 
  • Failed: Something has gone wrong. If you see a failed status, please contact Ex Ordo support ( 

Step 4) Publish the Recording 

To publish a recording to a session, click the ‘Publish Recording’ button. 

Under the ‘Details’ tab, you can watch the recording, see the recording info, and add a title and description if you wish. The title and description will be visible in the Event Space. 

Under the ‘Publish Recording’ tab, search for the session you would like to publish the recording to. The system will suggest a session based on the stage, date and time of the recording. You can publish a recording to 1 or more sessions. To see more info about the sessions, click on ‘More Details’. 

If you navigate back to the Recordings page, you will see any sessions the video has been published to. To make edits, click on ‘Manage Recording’. 

Publish a Recording via the Content Studio

You can also publish a recording directly from a session in your Content Studio. 

In the Content Studio, click on a session, and along the left side, click on the ‘Recordings’ tab. 

Along the panel on the right, you should see a recording which the system believes matches the session. (The system will match recordings to sessions based on the stage, date and time the recording was made.) You can also search for other recordings using the filters and search bar. 

To get more information about the recording and watch the video, click ‘More Details’. 

Once you’ve confirmed you’ve got the right recording, click ‘Publish to this Session’. 

To edit the description or title of the recording, click on ‘Edit Recording’. This will bring you to the file manager. 

Published Recordings in the Event Space

Once you publish the recording to a session, in the Event Space it will appear on the session page along with the title and description added. 

Note: Anyone who meets your event’s Entry and Media Restrictions can view the video recordings you’ve published to sessions. For more on Entry and Media Restrictions see this article: Changing access levels for the event space and content

Remove a Recording from a Session

You can remove a recording from a session in 2 different ways. 

1) Navigate to ‘File Manager’ > ‘Recordings’, find the recording you want and  click on ‘Manage Recording’.

Click on the ‘Publish Recording’ tab. In the centre you will see any sessions it has been published to. 

Find the session you would like to remove it from and click ‘Remove from Session’.

2) Open your Content Studio and find the session you want to remove a recording from. 

Click on the ‘Recordings’ tab. In the centre you’ll see any recordings that have been published to it. 

Find the recording you would like to remove and click ‘Remove Recording’.

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