Sharing on your Live Stage (Webex Webinars)

When participating in a live session on a stage, you may have something to present like a presentation file, or a PDF. You can do so via ‘Share Content - Screen’. 

Note: We do not recommend sharing videos or presentation files with embedded audio or video on a live stage. Sharing these results in quality and audio issues. 

Bear in mind that everything on the screen you share is visible to those watching.This includes but is not limited to bookmark bars, open tabs, and notifications that pop up/slide in. These notifications could include social media, WhatsApp, personal email and other DMs like Slack. Consider turning off notifications and removing any personal or private information before you start presenting.

Before you can share your screen, the Stage Manager has to pass you the “Presenter” role in the Webex Event. Once you’re the “Presenter”, you can share your screen. 

  1. How to Share Screen in Webex Events
  2. Important Note: Sharing in Webex with macOS Catalina and Newer OS Software Versions

How to Share Screen in Webex Events

Step 1) Click on the Share Button 

In the toolbar, click on the ‘Share Content’ button. Here you will see the screens you have. If you have multiple monitors (like in the image below), you will see all available screens and you can select which screen to share.

Click on the one you want to share. 

Step 2) Present in the Session

You are now sharing the screen you selected and can begin presenting. 

It’s a good idea to have your presentation files open and ready to go on your selected screen so you can simply begin. 

Step 3) Stop Screen Sharing

To stop sharing your screen, hover your cursor at the top of your screen to make the toolbar appear. Click on the orange button ‘Stop Sharing’. 

Change in the Webex View

When you share your screen, your Webex view will change.

The toolbar now drops down from the top of the screen you’re sharing. Hover your cursor at the top of your screen to make it appear.

This toolbar has all your in-event controls e.g. control your microphone, stop sharing, open the chat, participants and others panels.  

Note: When you open the panels (like chat), even though they are on the screen you’re sharing, the audience can’t see these, only you the presenter. 

Important Note: Sharing in Webex with macOS Catalina and Newer OS Software Versions

If you have macOS Catalina or a newer OS Software Version, you will need to setup Security & Privacy permissions first to full access all of Webex Events features, including sharing your screen. 

To use screen recording and sharing during meetings, when you download the Webex app, you will receive a prompt to allow Webex permission to screen record. Click 'OK' on this prompt. 

If you click 'Don't Allow' on the desktop app, you can still grant this permission later via your macs System Preferences > Security & Privacy. 

Go to the Privacy tab, and in the Screen Recording tab, enable 'Cisco Webex Meeting' (see image below).

If you're using a browser extension, you can set the same permission for the browser as below:

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