Attending an Open Rehearsal

In advance of the conference, the conference organisers may ask the session speakers to attend a rehearsal event. This is done to ensure that the speakers’ audio, visual and sharing settings are in working order. 

Note: In order to attend a rehearsal you need to first download the Webex Events app to your laptop or desktop computer (you won’t be able to access rehearsals or live stages from a mobile device). 

The Conference Organiser and/or Stage Manager will provide you with details for the rehearsal, e.g. Event Space link, date, time, agenda. 

When it’s time for you to join the rehearsal, you can do so by going to the Event Space on Ex Ordo (given to you by the Conference Organiser).
Log in, Click “Rehearsal” in the top navigation bar, and click to join the event. 
If you navigate to the conference’s main submission system, you may need to click “Event Space” in the navigation menu first.
See image below. 

The Conference Organisers and/or Stage Manager will run through some checks with you including:

  1. Microphone check
  2. Camera check
  3. Ability to share content check

Attending a Private Rehearsal

The Conference Organiser may have decided to run a ‘Private’ Rehearsal. In this case, you will receive a URL to access it directly, and you will not need to navigate to it via the Event Space. 

If you have any questions about the rehearsal, please reach out directly to the Conference Organiser and/or Stage Manager. 

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