Uploading a video recording to a Session

A video added to a session will appear on the Session page in the Event Space. 
Anyone who meets your event’s Access and Media Restrictions can view this video. 
For more on Access and Media Restrictions see this article: Changing access levels for the event space and content

This articles covers how to add a video to a session. 

Note: If you are not using Webex and have recorded your Live Sessions, this is how you can make them available to delegates in your Event Space after the Session is complete.

Step 1) Navigate to the Content Studio

The content studio is where all the sessions created for the conference live. For instructions on how to create content in the studio, check out this article: Creating Content in the Content Studio

Step 2) Search for the Session

Using the filters on the left, or the search bar on the right, find the session you want to upload the video to. 

Step 3) Add the Video to the Session

Once you’ve found and opened the session, click on Videos. Here you can upload a video to the session and give it a title. 

If there are multiple videos uploaded to a session, you can rearrange the order by dragging and dropping on the left, as pointed out in the image below.

Once the video upload has processed, it will appear on the session page. 

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