Contacting Ex Ordo Support through Chat

If you run into any issues during the conference and need assistance, you will be able to contact the Ex Ordo support team via chat. This article will show you where to access the chat and how to contact support. 

The chat functionality is available until 5pm US Eastern Time.

Step 1) Navigate to the Conference event space

Your conference admins would have circulated a link to the Conference Event Space. It should be as follows : Click on the link to open the Conference Event Space. 

Step 2) Login to the Conference

Click on either of the login buttons as shown in the image below and login to the conference using your Ex Ordo credentials.

Ensure you are logged in with the account you are registered with. You will have received a registration receipt to that email address.

If you’re having any issues, you can find our chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen as highlighted in the image below:

Step 3) Click on the Chat icon

When you click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, the following image will appear:

Here you can quickly search through our help articles and find your answer. However, if you still need help, select Ask at the top of the screen to reach the Chat function, see below.

Step 4) Click on “Ask” as highlighted above. 

This will open up the chat window, where you can provide details of the issue your encountering in the text box as I’ve done in the example below:

To send a message, simply hit “enter” on your keyboard or “Send a message” button. A member of our team will then respond to your message. 

Useful information to include with your message

To help us speed up the time to resolution you should let us know if you 

  • are a speaker/chair/keynote of the conference 
  • already logged into the conference
  • if you have registered for the conference.

Step 5) Closing / Ending a Chat 

At any point in the conversation you can close the chat by clicking on the large “X” icon:

You can end a chat by clicking on the “End Chat” button:

Providing Feedback

At the end of the chat you have the opportunity to provide us with your feedback. To do so simply click on the relevant emoji and provide text feedback as in the example below:

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