Explaining Content Bundles

Ex Ordo Virtual contains a variety of features that allow you to share the content that you have collected with your delegates. There’s the welcome page, the discover cards, the Live Stages and Bundles.

Bundles allow you to share presentation content that has been collected on a determined schedule.

There’s a number of reasons why you may wish to group content into Bundles separate to discover cards or particular sessions:

1. Control when conversations happen

Due to being able to control when bundles are released, this gives you the power to control when people will be talking about certain pieces of content and certain topics. By releasing relevant abstracts prior to the corresponding presentations taking place, you can drive questions, engagement and interactivity from those delegates that have read up on them on the Live Stage.

2. Target content to Specific Delegates

Due to the flexibility of Bundles, it’s possible to create a bundle of content for different sets of topics or areas of expertise. In fact, you could create a number of different bundles that you know will appeal to different groups of delegates. 

As bundles all have their own specific URL, once these bundles have been created you can then send that specific bundle URL to relevant delegates before the conference. This could certainly whet their appetite for the type of content that you will be hosting at your conference. This essentially turns bundles into a marketing tool. 

3. Provide Content after Presentations

When it comes to creating bundles, these don’t have to be created with content that is immediately available in mind. Perhaps you have multiple stages that are preventing some delegates from viewing all Presentations. In these situations, you may want to record Presentations and create a bundle with these Video presentations in them and make these available after the conference. You could even make these available directly after the presentation if you wished.

These could also be useful for reference, even for those that were able to attend the appropriate session.

4. Ease of Navigation

Bundles in Ex Ordo are classified as “On Demand” content. This means that, once it’s live, it can be accessed and viewed as much as you wish. In order to make it easy to access this content and come back to it time and again, we have the “On Demand” hub.

This is accessible from the Event Space Dashboard:

By accessing the On-Demand menu, you will be able to see all bundles.

More importantly, you will also be able to navigate directly to the Presentation associated with it via the “Ways to Watch” options available on the right side of the screen:

This means that if the abstract you’re reading will be appearing on the Live Stage later, delegates will be able to see that immediately. If it’s occurring right now, they can head straight over!

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