Using Chat/Q&A during an Event

During an Event, you can use the chat window to chat with the Host, the Presenter, or other Attendees (if the Host grants you that permission). This article will show you how to use the Chat and Q&A panels during an Event.

Accessing Chat

To open the Chat panel, click on the Chat icon in the panel at the bottom of your screen:

This will open up the Chat panel in the right hand side of your screen:

You also have the ability to save the chat at any point.

Sending a Chat Message

To send a chat message, In the Send to or To drop-down list, select the recipient of the message.

Enter your message in the chat text box, then press Enter on your keyboard.

Accessing Q&A

To open the Q&A panel, you need to click on the ellipses button in the panel at the bottom of the screen and click on Q&A:

This will open up the Q&A panel on the right side of your screen.

Posing a Question

  1. Open the Q & A panel.
  2. On the Q & A panel, type your question in the text box.
  3. (Optional) To edit your question, highlight the text you want to edit, and then right-click (Windows) or select ctrl and then click (Mac) to use the editing commands in the menu.
  4. In the Ask drop-down list, select the recipient, and then select Send.

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