Accessing On Demand Content Bundles

Content Bundles are released by the Conference Organisers on specific dates and times. Content Bundles contain sessions which are grouped by theme, topic or any combination as specified by Conference Organisers. They are an easy way of locating presentations which share a common attribute. This article will show you where to access Content Bundles.

Step 1) Go the Event Site & Login

Navigate to the conference Event Space, using the URL shared with you by the conference. Log in to your Ex Ordo account if you haven't already done so.

Step 2) Access the On Demand page

Click on the ‘On Demand’ from the navigation bar.

Here you can see an overview of all the bundles available on demand and the different sessions within them. 

Step 3) Explore Bundle Sessions & Presentations

To explore a bundle, check out all the sessions and the presentations, click on the ‘Browse This Bundle’ button.

You will come to a page similar to this where you can click and view the sessions. 

You can click through the different sessions, view the presentations and files associated with each session. To check out the presentations, on the Session page, click on the “View Presentation” button. On the Session page you can also view Related Content and navigate back to the Bundle. 

On the Presentation page you can see all it’s details. If the content has been released you will also see any media associated with it (i.e. files and/or video). On the Presentation page you can also view Related Content and navigate back to the Bundle. 

Step 4) Posting Questions On Presentations 

On a Presentations page, it’s possible to post a question for the author at the bottom of the page. Check out this article for more instructions: Posing a question under a presentation

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