Setting up and managing Safelist Access to your Event Space

Within the Event Space you have a number of different access options available to you. See here for more: Changing access levels for the event space and content.

This article will guide you through enabling “Safelist Only” access to your Event Space. 

A Safelist allows you to add the emails of a select group of people who can access your Event Space. 

Step 1) Navigate to the Access Tab

Once logged into Ex Ordo, click on Virtual Builder. From the Content Studio, click on “Access”.

Step 2) Set the Access Restrictions to “Safelist Only” 

As you can see on the Access page, you can choose the access restrictions for Entry (i.e those who can enter your Virtual Event Space) and Media (i.e. those who can join stages, access on-demand content like videos, and post questions).

Using the dropdowns, select which you would like to restrict to “Safelist Only”.

Step 3) Create your Safelist

The email addresses you add to your Safelist will have access to Entry or Media as determined by you. 

You can add one email address at a time to the Safelist, or import multiple addresses all in one go. 

Adding a Single Email

Click the “Add a Single Email” button. Type the email address and click Add. This person is now added to your Safelist. 

Adding Multiple Email Addresses via Import

To add multiple email addresses to the Safelist at once, you can import a CSV file. 

Click on the “Import Emails” button, which you can see in the image above. Click on the “Upload.csv” button and select the appropriate CSV file from your computer.

Note: You can choose to add the emails from the CSV file to the existing emails on your Safelist. Or you can completely replace the existing emails with the new email addresses from the CSV file. 

Select the appropriate option and click on the “Import” button.Once the CSV file has been imported you will see the following image: 

The list of emails which have been successfully added to your Safelist.

Managing Your Safelist

You can search your Safelist using the search bar, and also sort it alphabetically. 

You can check how many people are on your Safelist from the number displayed at the top of the list.

To delete someone from your Safelist, click “Delete” next to the relevant email address. 

Emailing Your Safelist

You can email everyone on your Safelist by going to Communication > New Message and selecting ''Safelist'' from the list of options.

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