Recording events on your Live Stage

Recording your event is a great idea if you have delegates in different timezones who may not be able to attend a session live, or simply for the sake of posterity. 

Step 1) Start Your Live Stage 

Following the steps detailed in this article (Starting your Live Stage), start hosting your stage. 

Step 2) Begin Recording

Once you’re happy to begin recording, in the tool bar along the bottom, you will see the button to record. Select “Record to Cloud”. 

Note: If you are sharing your screen, you might not see the option to record in the toolbar that drops down from the top of your screen. You may need to stop sharing, begin the recording as instructed above, and share your screen again.

We recommend that the Stage Manager stops recording after each session and start at the beginning of the next. This will ensure each session is recorded as a separate file and will make for easier downloading and editing post-event. 

If you do not stop recording after a session, and start at the beginning of the next, the output  will be one long continuous file recording of the Stage Day and you will need to edit it. 

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