How to record audio over your presentation (voiceover)

While you would normally create a powerpoint presentation for the conference, you won’t have the in-person element. You can work around that though by recording a voiceover where you go through your presentation slides. This is easy to achieve using presentation software like Powerpoint or Keynote (Mac Only).

Microsoft and Apple both have extensive guides on how to use Powerpoint and Keynote on their sites, here and here.

Note: The conference organisers will confirm the length of presentation and/or number of slides allowable so be sure to stick to these limits.

How to record your voiceover presentation

1. Ensure your mic or external voice recorder is working correctly. You can check that your mic is working properly either via the input tab on your mac or in the audio settings on the taskbar on your PC.

2. Create your presentation file in Powerpoint or Keynote.

3. You have two options with regard to your audio.

  • You can record the full audio presentation as one file and attach it to the powerpoint.
  • You can record separate audio for each slide.

Recording the audio presentation as one file

  1. Record and save the file using the audio software on your computer, either voice recorder or quick time.
  2. Ensure the length matches the limitations set by the organisers.
  3. Open the Powerpoint file you created ahead of time.
  4. Insert the audio into your presentation.
  5. Save your file either in *.AVI, *.MP4, *.MPG, *.WMV or *.MOV (extensions format).

Recording separate audio for each slide

  1. Open the Powerpoint file.
  2. Select the slide.
  3. Record the audio presentation for this particular slide.
  4. Repeat for all the slides as needed
  5. Ensure the length matches the limitations set by the organisers
  6. Convert the file to a movie file, and save it locally. This should be saved as *.AVI, *.MP4, *.MPG, *.WMV or *.MOV (extensions format)

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