How to search in the Programme?

Depending on how big the conference is or how many parallel sessions it has you might want to see and filter by specific Sessions or search Programme to find your own presentation. There are two ways to Search and Filter in the Programme both explained below.

Search functionality

You can search through Ex Ordo programme pages by:

  • Presentation Name
  • Session Name
  • Presenter Name (it's enough to enter only name or last name)

Search appears in the top right corner of each Programme page as below:

Filtering functionality

Apart from the search, you can also filter Programme by Session. This filter is available in the Sessions view of the programme as below:

Sessions can be organised by Venue, Topic, Track or a Presentation format - It all depends on how conference organisers built the Programme. On the image below you can see that Sessions are organised by session type and Venue so maybe you would like to see only General events and Session C or Sessions that are happening in Dubrovnik and Split hall. Use select All, Unselect All and Clear filters options to receive the wanted result.

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