Allowing delegates to go back to the Conference website page

Once your Programme is finished and you want to make it Public you will need to Go live with the Programme. When the Programme is live you can share the Ex Ordo Programme link on your conference website or you can send the link to your delegates via email.

You can also link delegates back to your conference website through the Programme. To do so, you just need to complete two simple steps:

1) Go to the Programme Settings menu

From your Programme Dashboard select Manage on the right side of the screen. A dropdown menu will open up and you will see the "Programme Settings" option.

2) Add in your conference website

You will now see a panel with Programme settings. At the bottom left corner of the page, in the "Conference Website" field, you can add the website address you want to link back to.

If you've added your website link as explained above, the Conference Website button will appear in your live Programme, as seen below. 

If your delegates click on this button, they will be brought to the linked site in a new tab.

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