Guidebook App - How to Sync Programme content into the guide?

If you are using the Guidebook app the article below will explain how to use Ex Ordo mobile sync and what are the steps to take before you Sync the Programme content into the Guidebook builder.

1) Reach your guide builder 

First, you have to navigate to your guide builder and the guide builder home page. You can reach your guide builder through Ex Ordo Mobile hub by selecting  Programme => Mobile as below:

If you've logged in previously to your guide, you will be taken straight into your guide builder home page. Otherwise, you will have to create an account with your Admin email (It's usually the same email you're using to log into Ex Ordo as the administrator). If you don't know which email to use you can email and we'll help you out.

2) Find the Schedule menu item

On the left-hand side of your homepage you can see features that were already added to the guide, see the example below:

Before you press the Sync button in Ex Ordo you have to make sure you that you have the Schedule Menu item in the guide builder. This item should already be in your guide but if you can't see it you can always add it by selecting Add features to your list as below:

A list of features will appear on the right-hand side; scroll down to see and choose Schedule.

3) Run the Sync

If you're happy with your Ex Ordo Programme or you're would just like to check how your Programme appears in the guide you can now run the Sync in Ex Ordo. 

Note: You can run the Sync at any time. It won't show to anyone unless you publish your guide.

Go to  Programme => Mobile as below:

From here you can:

(1) Change what is getting Synced 

(2) Sync your Programme to Guidebook

When the Sync is completed you can go to Guidebook builder and check the content in the Schedule menu item list to see your sessions, presentations, venues, tracks, topics or decisions depending on the content you decided to sync into the guide. Remember - all the Programme information is synced into the Schedule menu item. 

4) New Guide Menu Items

After you run the Sync you will see some new menu items appearing in your guide menu:

  • Sessions - Displays sessions as created within Ex Ordo Programme.
  • Presentations - Displays presentations within sessions created in Ex Ordo Programme.
  • Presenters - List of Presenters with their affiliation and bios (if collected through Ex Ordo).

5) Creating a session view in the mobile app

If your conference Programme is built in a way where sessions are holding multiple presentations Sessions menu item will actually act as your Conference Programme for delegates. To make this more clear for your delegates you will have to rename it and change the icon, so click into it and select Settings. You will see both options as below:

6) Preview on your phone

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