How to avoid scheduling presentations in your programme with unregistered presenters

When creating your conference schedule in the Programme builder you can check if the submissions in your sessions have registered presenters using our handy Presenter Registrations filter.

First of all, to check this you must be in Builder mode. You can toggle back and forth between Build and Preview at the top of the screen.

Next step is to either create a new Session by clicking on the start time in the builder grid or select an already created session. Now drop down to the Submissions settings on the left hand side of the session pop-up.

Before you assign a submission to your session you can check if there are registered presenters using the Presenter Registrations filter. Click More Filters on the right hand side beneath the search box.

Next you can select whether you want to check if All Presenters are registered, At Least 1 Presenter is registered or No Presenters are registered.

Once you apply the filter the list on the right hand side will now only show the submissions who have the registration status you selected. You can then clear the registration filter afterwards by selecting All Presenters if you would no longer like to filter by registration status. 

Outside of the programme builder you can also check the registration status of your presenters by using our exports. You can check the Accepted Submissions export from the Conference hub. 

In this Excel Export you can filter by the corresponding and presenting authors registration statuses. 

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