Including session chairs in your Programme

If you have session chairs, you can include them in your Programme so that your delegates can see them attached to the sessions they're chairing. 

Step 1) Navigate to the Chairs tab

When you've created a session, click on the Chairs tab on the left. Then, select Add a Chair to start entering your chair's details. 

Step 2) Enter the chair's email address

Type your chair's email address into the text box and select Add. 

Step 3) Add the chair's name and details

Now you can enter their Title, Name, Last Name and Organisation. These details will then show in your Programme.

You can also add multiple chairs if you need to. Simply repeat the process again. 

Step 4) Preview

Once you've added any chairs, you'll see their name and details appear in the session they're chairing. 

You can also search for your chairs' names in the Programme search. This will show you any sessions they're involved with. 

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