Allowing delegates to search by presenters' name

To allow delegates to search by presenter/author name or presentation title you will have to keep Presentations item listed in the guide menu. We will explain the steps in the article below.

1) Access your guide builder

First, you have to navigate to your guide builder and the builder home page. You can launch your guide builder through Ex Ordo Mobile hub by selecting  Programme => Mobile ==> Build Your Guide as below:

2) Check if Presentations item appears in the menu

If you already ran the Sync from Ex Ordo, the Presentations menu item should appear in the guide along with Sessions and Presenters as pictured below.

3) Change the icon and rename

If you wish, you can now customise the icon and change the name. To do so click on Sessions and then Settings, you will see both options appearing as below:

Keeping Presentations item in the menu will allow your delegates to search by any presentations or presenter's name across the whole conference programme.

When in the mobile app they will be able to use a search bar as below:

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