Creating conference schedule view for delegates

To show your conference Schedule nicely to your delegates with presentations linked to the sessions you must complete a number of steps within the builder. This article will walk you through the process.

1) Conference Schedule menu Item

Before running the sync from Ex Ordo make sure you have the  Schedule menu item added in your guide builder as below. The conference Schedule is usually a default item in the menu and you will see it when you log in to your builder for the first time. This is where your guide will be populated with your conference Programme from Ex Ordo system.

2) Sync the content

To transfer over Ex Ordo Programme to your guide builder, you need to sync in Ex Ordo. Go to Programme => Mobile as below:

When you press  Sync Guide your conference Programme will be transferred over. In this sync, the below information is transferred:

  • Session names, description, dates and times, session chairs
  • Presentations (abstracts) with dates and times and authors names
  • Topics (if visible in Ex Ordo Programme)
  • Presentations and paper files (if collected as PDF and shared)
  • Venues
  • Decision formats.

3) Pin Main sessions to the menu

Login to your guide builder and in your Schedule list, you will see all sessions and presentations appearing together. To create a clearer session view in your mobile app, you need to change the menu setup.

Select the heading Tracks: here you will see all your acceptance types and two additional tracks called All Presentations and Main Sessions. From here pin Main Sessions to the menu, as below

You have now created a session-only menu item that will be displayed to your delegates. When they select each session, they will then see the presentations assigned and more details about this session.

4) Disable and rename Schedule menu item

When the main sessions are pinned to the menu you now have to disable and rename Schedule item. Go to the Schedule and select Settings. Here you can change the Schedule name into Main Data and Disable it from the menu (see below). Disabling will hide this feature from the mobile app phone view from your delegates. When you're done hit Save at the bottom right corner.

5) Change the icon and rename Main Sessions item

Your Main Sessions item will appear on the top of the list in your guide menu as below. Click into it to change the name and the Icon.

Go to Settings and change the Name (it's up to you how would you like to call it - but it can be something like Conference Programme, Schedule, etc). You can also change the Icon to some more appropriate one. Keep in mind that this is actually your conference programme. 

That's it! If you would like to Preview your conference programme on the phone and see how it looks like in the app itself you can generate a Preview. The option appears at the bottom left side, underneath all Menu items as below:

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