Ex Ordo Mobile App - Conference sessions view for delegates

When you run the Sync in Ex Ordo your Programme data will be saved in the Schedule or Ex Ordo Programme data menu item in your guide. If you're not using Ex Ordo Mobile this menu item will be disabled. If you're a Guidebook customer please check this article.

To display your conference Schedule nicely to your delegates, with presentations linked to the sessions, you will need to use the Sessions tab from your menu. This article will walk you through the process step by step.

1) Ex Ordo Programme Data menu Item

Before running the sync from Ex Ordo, please ensure that you have the Schedule (Ex Ordo Programme data) menu item available in the Guidebook builder as seen below. This is where your guide will be populated with your conference Programme data as created in the Ex Ordo Programme module.

2) Sync the content

To transfer the Ex Ordo Programme data to your Guidebook builder, you need to run the sync in Ex Ordo. Go to Programme => Mobile as below:

When you select Sync Guide your conference Programme will be transferred over. As part of the sync, the following information is transferred by default:

  • Session names, description, dates and times, session chairs
  • Presentations (abstracts) with dates and times and authors' names
  • Venues

You can also check the Content options in your Programme to decide what other information you might want synced across in addition to defaults (if visible in Ex Ordo Programme):

  • Decisions
  • Topics 
  • Tracks
  • Additional Questions
  • Presentations and paper files (if collected as PDF and shared in the Programme)

If you're happy with the Content press the Sync to Guidebook button as below:

3) Change the icon and rename Sessions item

Your Sessions item will appear at the bottom of the list in your guide menu as below. Click into it to change the name and the Icon.

Go to Settings and change the Name. How you would like to name it is up to you but it might be best to go with something like Conference Programme, Schedule, etc.. You can also change the Icon to something more appropriate. Keep in mind that this is actually your conference programme that delegates will be using to navigate your conference and plan their attendance at presentations.

And that's it! If you would like to Preview your conference programme on the phone and see how it looks in the app itself you can generate a Preview. The option appears at the bottom left side, underneath all Menu items as below:

Once you have generated the preview you will need to use the Passphrase option to access it in the Ex Ordo Mobile app.

To access the Passphrase feature, you need to go to Find Guides and tap the "Have a passphrase?" button.

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