Checking for duplicate submissions

The Ex Ordo Duplicate Submissions Report can help you keep on top of, and give you full visibility of any submissions that the system has detected to be duplicates, or at least, very similar submissions. The system checks for similarities in submission titles, abstract content and authors and allows you to withdraw any duplicates that you and the authors deem unnecessary.

You can access the report by going to your Conference Hub >> Reports as below. 

1) Checking for Duplicates

To run the report and see the sets of potential duplicates select  Check for Duplicates. You can also decide to receive an email of suspected duplicates every Friday by checking the box.

2) Select submission you would like to keep

Once the report runs, you will see how many sets of duplicate submissions the system have detected. In the example below, we have 3 sets of duplicate submissions.

You will see a preview of all submission information and you can now decide which one would you like to keep. To keep a submission, click on it and the system will record your decision. The unselected submissions will be marked for withdrawal. To move to the next set select Continue. If you exit at any time without finishing the process, the system will not remember your choices.

3) Confirm Withdrawals

Since there are 3 sets of duplicates you will have to repeat the process for all submissions. In the final step, you have to confirm and Withdraw all duplicates or you can exit the report without withdrawing. If you exit, none of your choices will be saved. If you withdraw any submissions, no-one will be notified. 

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