How is the Ex Ordo book built?

The Support team at Ex Ordo can build your book of abstracts or papers (for an additional cost) through a semi automated process. Essentially, you choose your preferences for the book through a form we send to you. Based on your choices, we create the book for you using our own book building software, compiling it with the abstract/paper content from your conference. 

Our book building tool will compile the information as saved in the submission system so any errors etc. will appear in the book.

Book building process

If you would like to build your book with Ex Ordo and you have not yet purchased the book service you can contact the Sales team to learn more about pricing.

If you have already purchased the book as part of your Ex Ordo package, the first step is to complete our Book Settings form here. You can also email and we can send you the form via email. We will receive an email letting us know that the form has been filled in and we can begin working on your book once all the settings have been confirmed. We will send you the first book draft within 24-48 hrs from the time the form was submitted (depending on the complexity of your book).

Book content

We can build a book of abstracts - this will show the abstract content in our set design template (explained below).

We can also build a book of proceedings - this will show the final papers as uploaded by your authors.

In addition to the submission content as outlined above, we can add:

  • our default front and back cover
  • any custom PDFs you send to us
  • a table of contents
  • page numbering and 
  • an author index. 

We do not make any edits to the content uploaded by the authors so any typos or grammar errors will appear in the book - you/they can make edits to their submission in the system as needed.

What is customisable in the book?

The book content itself is entered into a set design template. This means we cannot change colours, font, spacing, margins or any formatting of the author index and table of contents.

However, there are some options that you can decide on as listed below.

Cover page (available for book of abstracts and book of proceedings)

We have a default cover page and we can include your conference name, dates and location into the template. If you would like to use your own cover page you can send them as PDF file to in the format size you've decided to use for your book (A4 or Letter). We do not offer customised cover pages. 

Table of Contents (available for book of abstracts and book of proceedings)

What information to show in the table of contents.

  • Title  - Study of Facebook Users
  • Title, authors - Study of Facebook Users, Mark Zuckerberg
  • Title, authors, affiliation - Study of Facebook Users, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
Paper size (available for book of abstracts and book of proceedings)

The size of each page in the book.

  • A4
  • Letter
Type of printing (available for book of abstracts only)
  • Single Sided: Each page has only one side with content, the other side is blank. Page numbers are on the bottom right corner.
  • Double Sided: Each page has content on each side. Page numbers switch from left to right bottom corner of each page.
Book sections (available for book of abstracts and book of proceedings)

The book content can be split into different sections/chapters. You can decide to order the content based on:

  • Acceptance type - Oral, poster etc.
  • Tracks 
  • Topics
  • Sessions
Order of the content within each chapter (available for book of abstracts and book of proceedings)

In each chapter, you can decide to order the submissions in a certain way:

This is how each entry will be displayed.

  • Rolling pages: multiple abstracts per page
  • One abstract per page
Affiliation format (available for book of abstracts only)

How each author's affiliation will display underneath the abstract title.

  • Bill Gates 1., Mark Zuckerberg 2., (1. Microsoft, 2. Facebook)
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
Session information display (available for book of abstracts only)

Adding additional files

We can add custom PDFs that you provide us with. Additional files can be your welcome letter, overview of the organising committee, sponsors list or any other additional file you would like to add into the book.

We can only include PDF files in the book.

To get started with your book, contact Ex Ordo Support at

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